Tips on Getting Your Book Published

Tips on Getting Your Book Published

Writing and publishing a book is a long process and does not happen overnight. If you dream about getting your book published, you should read the nex

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Writing and publishing a book is a long process and does not happen overnight. If you dream about getting your book published, you should read the next several pieces of advice in order to know what to expect.

Have a Writing Habit

The first one regards the process of writing itself. In order to get to the place where you need to choose how to publish a book – you must write it first. This naturally requires you to have a writing habit – write every day and do not give up.

Have a Reading Habit

Like it or not, you need to stay with the latest writing trends. This involves you becoming an avid reader – it is an integral part of being a good writer. Simply, the language and the genres are constantly changing and you can be that change if you try hard enough and read a lot of books where you can draw some inspiration from. There is no single writer in the history of writing who just started writing a book without any prior reading experience and became successful. Writing, just as every other art form, requires hard work.

Do a Lot of Research

It doesn’t matter whether you write fiction or nonfiction – research is always required. Luckily for you, you have the almighty Internet one touch away from your fingers. Open your browser and start exploring various websites and sources – it will bring you the inspiration to continue writing.

Choose the Best Way to Publish

Speaking of the Internet, there are a million ways to publish your book nowadays. Let’s divide it into two big categories of traditional publishing and self-publishing. Self-publishing is as easy as uploading your book to a blog, and people do that and tend to gain huge readership via their blogs. After all, Metro 2033 gained huge popularity this way.

Always Negotiate

If you choose to go the traditional way, you need to contact as much book publishers as possible. Of course, make sure that they usually publish books similar to yours. Some of them will give you offers which might at first seem as offensive to you. Remember, many of the publishers expect you to negotiate and fight for your part. The biggest mistake is to accept any kind of deal just to have your book published.

Find an Agent

Let’s be honest – the book is not going to sell itself. In the 21st century, with a low attention span and rapid information flow, you publishing a book means nothing if it is not promoted well. Having an agent to complete the process for you is always a good idea. It would be awesome if the publishing company that you sign a contract for offers an agent who will work on promoting your book.

Do NOT Write What The Publisher Wants

If you find a publisher and they ask you to write your book the other way in order to make it better (read: make it earn more money for them), do not accept such suggestion. You have to realize that your words mean something and that they are a part of you. Such suggestion may also happen when you decide to publish your second or even your third book as the publisher will always look that the book is profitable rather than good.