The Best Books Written by Musicians

The Best Books Written by Musicians

Everyone has a bit of a poet inside them. Some people, they find out that prose suits them much more than poetry, but the artist inside them just nee

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Everyone has a bit of a poet inside them. Some people, they find out that prose suits them much more than poetry, but the artist inside them just needed time to find the right medium. Musicians, being the artists that they are, often have their own road, different from that of the writer. Some musicians combine the two and thus make something really interesting. Here are the best books written by musicians.

Leonard Cohen – Multiple Books

Ah, Leonard Cohen, the same person with a beautiful mind which was responsible for Hallelujah, at least one of the versions, or rather, the one which everyone covered, the one you hear in various singing competitions. It is a lovely song, but it came from a mind accustomed to writing, which you can hear in the lyrics.

Cohen wrote multiple books, some of them more notable than others. His novels, Beautiful Losers and The Favourite Game are among the best of his works. He also wrote poetry, as one could expect.

Nick Cave – The Death of Bunny Munro

Nick Cave shouldn’t need an introduction, due to his popularity in the world. He is also an avid writer, when he is not singing and making great music. This book, the Death of Bunny Munro deals with a salesman and his son, who embark on a trip once their wife/mother commits suicide. It is a dark novel, so be prepared to explore the depths of the human mind.

Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis – The Wildwood Chronicles

The Decemberists have some mean cover art, or rather, dark and disturbing or for some people, lovely. Fans of art will be thrilled to know that Carson Ellis, wife of frontman and singer, Colin Meloy, is behind most of the band’s artwork. Likewise, she does lots of drawings and the art for their books, The Wildwood Chronicles. There are plenty of books in the series, and they are mostly children’s books, following various children on adventures, where there is a bad guy to defeat and people to save.

Bob Dylan – Chronicles

Bob Dylan is one of the best songwriters out there. He won a Nobel Prize in Literature. It is only normal for him to have a book about his journey, or rather, an autobiography. There are multiple volumes for those who are interested in how the artist himself perceived the world around us.

Patti Smith – Multiple Works

Patti Smith did a lot, from being the punk laureate, as she is called, or rather, a punk musician, to writing poetry and prose. She wrote multiple books, of which Just Kids and Woolgathering are worth taking a look at immediately.

These are but some of the works you should consider if you want to see how a musician’s mind processes words.