Six 2020 Books That People Are Most Hyped About

Six 2020 Books That People Are Most Hyped About

As a new year or new decade is nearly upon us, we can’t help it but be hyped about upcoming, movies, TV series, and of course books. In case you are

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As a new year or new decade is nearly upon us, we can’t help it but be hyped about upcoming, movies, TV series, and of course books. In case you are looking for a new read that you can pick up because you are all caught up on your current ones, make sure to stick around. In the year 2020, we are expecting some awesome new titles in different categories. Here is the list of some of the most anticipated titles in the upcoming year that are perfect to usher in the new decade.  

The Glass HotelAuthor: Emily St. John Mandel

The award-winning author is back with a new thriller “The Glass Hotel”. The story follows a woman called Vincent that worked once worked at Hotel Caiette as a bartender. One day a hooded figure leaves an unsettling message on a windowed wall of a hotel that really startled those who witnessed it. Years later Vincent marries the hotel owner, who is also involved in dangerous deals, which ultimately pushes her away. While trying to leave this life behind Vincent disappears. The last time she is seen was when she was boarding a ship.    

Long Bright RiverAuthor: Liz Moore

This is a story of two sisters Mickey and Kacey, who live independently in a drug-ridden area in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Kacey disappears and Mickey takes it upon her self to find her. She dreads that her disappearance is connected to a string of murders that happened in their neighborhood. Mickey is determined to find her sister or to get justice for her by finding the killer.  

American Dirt – Author: Jeanine Cummins

The protagonist is Lydia Quixano Pérez, who runs a bookstore in Acapulco. She leads a modest life and takes care of her husband and son. Everything changes one day when she has an encounter with Javier, a dangerous drug kingpin that has taken control of the city. Shortly after, Lydia’s husband, who is a journalist, publishes a detailed profile on Javier and pays for it with his life. The only ones that survive Javier’s retaliation are Lydia and her son, who know must flee across the border and live as migrants.  

My Dark Vanessa – Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell

The story follows a 15-year-old teenager called Vanessa Wye, who becomes involved with her teacher a 42-year-old man. However, some 17 years later another woman reaches out to her. She wants to get Vanessa to speak against her former teacher in order to support sexual assault claims. The story is about Vanessa’s inner struggle whether, to tell the truth of how she felt about him or to alter her story for the sake of accommodating the claims.

The City We Became – Author: N.K. Jemisin

A gripping fiction set in a world where every major city has a soul. New York City does not have one but 6 souls, and they bring about an ancient evil bent on destroying the city. It is the story of 5 New York citizens who rise to the challenge in order to vanquish the evil entity and save one of the most iconic cities in the U.S 

It’s Not All Downhill From Here – Author: Terry McMillan

A tale centered around 68-year-old Loretha Curry. She looks at her aging more optimistically compared to the rest of the friends from her group. She is surrounded by the people she loves, she is happy with her personal achievements and excited about life in general. Her upbeat attitude slowly starts to crumble when she losses someone who is very close, and then struggles to find the will to live.