Most Famous Contemporary Writers

Most Famous Contemporary Writers

There are writers who are legends and will always be remembered by the readers. Some of the writers are living legends, on the other hand. In fact, so

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There are writers who are legends and will always be remembered by the readers. Some of the writers are living legends, on the other hand. In fact, some of them still actively work and give us beautiful pieces of literature. Let’s bet that you probably know every single person from this shortlist of the most famous contemporary writers?

Stephen King

There is no doubt – King will last forever. There is probably no author alive (or dead?) whose body of work has been turned into so many movies. However, turning books into movies is not the measure of quality – but it adds to the popularity of the author.

When King is in question, it is reasonable to claim that he is both popular and a great artist who really has a knack for telling a story. Moreover, he really devotes his talent to hard work and this makes him also one of the most productive writers of all time. Is it too much if he is compared to Shakespeare of his age?

J.K. Rowling

Joanne Rowling is the creator of Harry Potter book series. That is a fact good enough for you to stop and think about the popularity of the series. Do you even know a franchise that was as popular as HP? Well, perhaps Star Wars, but there are no Star Wars books, sadly. This makes Rowling’s masterpiece the most popular book franchise ever. Naturally, Rowling is one of the top stars now in the UK and in the whole world.

Haruki Murakami

Murakami is definitely one of the most popular Japanese writers of all time. He is a Kurosawa of literature when it comes to popularity and influence. Also, he is a Dali of literature when it comes to surrealism that dwells in his novels. Some of the most famous novels that Murakami has written include Norwegian Wood, 1Q84, Kafka on the Shore, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, and After Dark.

George R.R. Martin

If you know about Game of Thrones, chances are that you have also read the fantasy book series called A Song of Ice and Fire, which is Martin’s life work. Martin currently enjoys the status of a rockstar due to the popularity of the TV show. More so, there’s no indication that the series will be ending any time soon. Be that as it may, he is going to stay on top for a long time.

Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini is an American-Afghan writer who became famous for writing one of the books that are considered classics now – The Kite Runner. His life story is what made him really popular and it involves his life in Afghanistan and a change of several eras which all ended in blood. Apart from the Kite Runner, Hosseini also wrote another best-seller called A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie is a genius whose work is known worldwide. He was born in Bombay, British India in 1947 and is still alive and kicking. However, it is a real miracle that he is still alive due to the fact that he was the target of many extreme Muslims who accused his work “The Satanic Verses” to be the blasphemy of Islam. This is one of the fact that also made Rushdie really popular. This, and a body of amazing work.