How to Start Writing a Book

How to Start Writing a Book

Many people dream of becoming writers. But there is one problem that they usually face - they do not know how to start the whole process of book writi

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Many people dream of becoming writers. But there is one problem that they usually face – they do not know how to start the whole process of book writing. They might have written some online articles for various niches just like beauty, sports and articles on how to open an account on bet365, on the other hand, they might have written poems and short stories. However, book writing is a different process. Take a look at these few steps that might help you with starting.

Pick Your Favourite Genre

What type of movie do you like the most? It is likely that you will have more fun while writing your favorite genre – that’s why it is really important to think about your favorite genre and the usual things that appear in them.

Come Up With a Plot

Creating your own plot is definitely the most difficult part of every book. There are some claims that the best plots are made by figuring out how they end and then working towards the beginning. However, you must find the approach that suits you best. For example, you can see how the big authors did it and then try to copy their approach.

Create Characters

After creating the plot, it is necessary to fill in your book with characters. Many authors have a problem that they usually fail to introduce more characters to their books or the characters are really weak and unconvincing. That is why you need to devote a lot of time for coming up with every single detail for your characters – start with examples from the real world first.

Write a Short Outline

A short outline will help you stay on track once you are deep into writing. Once you get into plots and subplots, you will need this outline in order to consider what your next steps may be and what your next chapter would be about.

Spit it All Out

Once you get the outline figured out, the real process of writing is easy, you only need one small thing – inspiration. You will often see yourself sitting in front of a blank paper not being able to start the first sentences. However, once you write the first one and the inspiration kicks in, you will not be able to stop – it is the greatest feeling in the world.

Give It a While

It is important that when you have your first draft ready, just leave it be for a while. This is a theory which works for every type of art – the test of time. This means that if you read your work after a week or two and you still like it as when you were writing it – you are on a good path.

But this process is a repetitive one, and it requires giving your book a break after every edit.

Edit Your Book

Editing is very important. It is fine tuning and what keeps the reader occupied. Editing is what should happen after your book pauses. One thing is certain – edit it until you are completely satisfied with what you have. If there is a sentence that you do not like – do not give up. Just sit, for hours if needed, and try to think of the best possible way to say something.


Writing a book is not easy but it gives you a great amount of fun if you do it properly. Inspiration works in mysterious ways and once you have everything set up, the feeling of putting it all in your work and not even noticing the world around you is beautiful.