Best books to learn how to play football

Best books to learn how to play football

In the neverending list of skills we have to acquire for school and everyday life, sports usually aren’t the one we are worried about. However, some o

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In the neverending list of skills we have to acquire for school and everyday life, sports usually aren’t the one we are worried about. However, some of us are simply not as talented for sports and fail to learn even the most popular sports such as basketball or football! I remember that my best friend had a difficult time mastering football, as he didn’t quite know how to move his legs in such a way as to play better. He tried overcompensating for his lack of sports skills with learning as much as possible about football and reading sports betting reviews, such as this Betfair review, in order to at least seem smarter about the philosophy of this sport. However, these are some of the books he recommends to learn how to play football!

One such book is Soccer for Dummies, by the authors Tom Dunmore and Scott Murray. Notice that the title is changed a little bit to suit the American market. This book is awesome at what it does, just like other “For Dummies” books, because it firstly explains, very concisely and clearly, what the rules of the game are and how to make sure you respect and play by those rules. As simple as it sounds, some people need clear instructions. Once the basics are covered, the authors write more about specific skills such as dribbling, passing, free kick taking, how to work different tactics and much more. A nice addition to the book is the part about important teams all around the world – because to be a football player, you must see and understand football rivalries and matches.

Another book that cares specifically about the beginners or intermediate level football players is The Step-by-step Training Manual of Soccer Skills and Techniques. We have Armadillo Books to thank for this long title, but do not get discouraged too easily! This book is very easy to follow as it is basically an instructional manual on how to perform some of the most important moves and tricks in football without which your matches will not be as successful! One of the most prominent features of this book is the sheer volume of photographs which are included and illustrate the exercises. They are accompanied by the diagrams which carefully explain how certain techniques are performed. Both your attack and defense will be upgraded if you master the skills offered here, as well as your passing game, shooting or goalkeeping.

Finally, one series of books has proven to be more than entertaining and popular: it is the F2 book series. The most prominent among them is F2 World of Football: How to Play Like a Pro. The authors of this book have actually been working with many famous football stars like Neymar, Pele, Messi and Ronaldo in creating this book. They have tried to replicate similar exercises and techniques these players use, as well as to give you an insight into the game of the world-renowned clubs. What is absolutely outstanding about this book is that there are many videos that go along with the book which can be found on the Youtube channel, which will definitely improve your acquisition of the skills and understanding what the authors wanted to say.

If you ever need more books to learn how to play football, just let me know!